Marriage should be honored by all, And the marriage bed kept pure. Hebrews 13:4 NIV

Let’s hear it for Marriage for Life! Let it echo through the churches and communities of our nation.  Let the redeemed say so!  It matters!

  • Married couples are less likely to suffer from depression than unmarried or cohabiting people.
  • Of all sexually active people, married couples who are faithful to one another experience the greatest satisfaction with their sex lives.
  • Couples in lifelong marriages accumulate 63% more wealth than do unmarried people.
  • Married and widowed women have the lowest rates of violent abuse by spouse.  Divorced and separated women have the highest rates.

Children from broken homes are:

  • Twenty times more likely to have behavioral problems.
  • Eight times more likely to go to prison.
  • Five years after a divorce, children were not doing well.
  • Ten years later, 41% were still doing poorly. (Judith Wallerstein)

As Christian we must defend marriage.  We must also work to make our marriages better.

There is no marriage that cannot get better.  Working on our own marriage will make it work better and let the next generation see something good that they would like to imitate.