“My grace is sufficient for you, For my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

      There is a tendency among many of us that it is the primary commitment of God to solve our problems.  When a problem arises we just turn it over to God and whammy! It is solved.  No more having to wait in line for a big cure all for all my woes.

      Paul reminds us that this may not be the case.  Paul views God’s wonderful grace as the power of God in our lives that is sufficient to help us to face and walk through trials. The goal of God is change in our lives. We need to move to a more intimate life with Christ.  This doesn’t always equate with the removal of our problems. His power is made perfect in weakness.

      Since God is in the people changing business, He can use every ailment to bring about any necessary change in our lives.  He may never remove a thorn in the flesh but His grace is sufficient for you. Change is never easy but God hangs in there for us and will work His power in us as we face the realities of this world and prepare for the world to come.

      God’s goal for our lives is maturity.  Life is not just ailments to be removed or events to be avoided.  He wants us to learn how to better worship Him and serve Him.  He may never remove an illness from us or our loved-one, but He is always there teaching us about Himself.  He may lead through the valley of the shadow of death but His gentle hand will lead us less we fall.

      We need to commit ourselves to embrace what God is doing in our lives.  He is trying to make us into His image and as we can learn to see as He sees. We can look beyond the present problem to the purpose of God for our lives.  His word gives us vision, hope, direction and goals. Our challenge is to look beyond the now and embrace the vision that God has for us. We may have a physical or emotional problem but it is the spirit that needs God’s power.